About SOROT ?

Smart Online and Observation Tools (SOROT) is a system that provides convenience to the public to provide advice, complaints or aspirations through the website or mobile application.

SOROT can improve the collaboration of communities and companies in sensing, understanding and control activities to create a company that is responsive to customer opinions.

How do we work to create smarter city:

  • Provide tools and increase people’s engagement
  • Empower leaders with a comprehensive dashboard
  • Provides data related city issues to help government to make a decision.

How We Works ?

Here is how we handle problems around you quickly and precisely

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Frequently Asked Question

Why Must SOROT ?

For so many times the social problem around us seems doesn’t have a right platform to distribute. All the complaints are exist without solution, nor become a social changer. But now there’s SOROT an application which made to give solutions for all the social issues happened around. SOROT’s technology will help you to connect the dot, from you to government, from problem to solution..

what kind of industry that suits to SOROT solution?

Industries that have wide operational area and have many branches so they need effective and efficient coordination.

what is our goal ?

Sharpen empathy and self-awareness is an important aspect to create a smart people. The concept of ‘Smart People’ means people already speak up for change, started from care about what the nearest problem. SOROT is ready to connect your change towards Smart City. Use SOROT to speak up about the social problem near you!

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